Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Churches Closing at Christmas!

The news is out that many churches are closing for Christmas. The emphasis is mostly on mega-churches. My husband and I are praying about relocating back to his home state of New Hampshire and are visiting for Christmas. One of our goals is to visit a reformed charismatic church while we are there. Much to my chagrin, in checking their website, I find that they are also closed on Christmas day! What is up with that! I am thinking that of all days, this would be an important day to bring family. It would have been a great way to start Christmas! What an opportunity that might otherwise be missed. Worshipping God Almighty on the day symbolizing the birth of the Savior! In this day and age of suppressing all expression of worship to God, including Christmas hymns and traditions, we cannot afford to close the doors of our churches. Oh well...... ho ho ho.


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I want to reply to your comment on my blog, Gospel Musings, but I'd prefer to do so directly to you. Can I get your email address?


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