Friday, January 27, 2006

Texas Bidnez

Here are some comments I read about Texas today. Very funny. I lived in Ft. Worth TX for a couple of years. Texans are very proud of Texas. It is a country unto itself.

Some things you'll never hear a Texan say:

"I'll take Shakespeare for a thousand, Alex."
"Duct tape won't fix that!"
"Pass the arugula please."
"Wrasslin's fake!"
"No kids in the back of the pickup. That's dangerous!"

If a Texan ever says, "Hey, y'all, come watch this!" run for your life. They're likely the last words he'll ever speak.

Oh, and if you had an infinite number of Texans with an infinite number of shotguns and an infinite number of stop signs, could they reproduce the works of Shakespeare in Braille?

Y'all = singular
All y'alls = plural

Posted by tom

You can read a great article about Texas accents


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