Friday, January 20, 2006

What Katey Did Today

Katey in -40 degrees F

I received an email from a dear comrade in arms so to speak. Katey and my daughters grew up together while her mother and I enjoyed countless hikes and conversations....over 25 years worth!! Katey lives in Alaska and is an amazing woman. I would love for Katey to share some of her stories with you. She has lived in Russia and has traveled extensively. Her life has been quite the journey, and along the way, she has wakened to the glories of God and his mercy and grace. Here is a tiny excerpt of her day today.

Jogging on skis at lunch behind campus today. We have
-40 deg F! The snow is like sand paper. Eyelashes frozen together.

I toppled over into a powdery snow bank for a few moments to lay and
watch the sky. A huge, wide, flat, segmented cloud swam across the blue
expanse overhead, and I wondered what it would be like to be staring down a
microscope at a flatworm swimming in a petri dish stuck in some lab
somewhere in Florida.

Love Katey


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