Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Daughter's Friend

Last night I received bad news.

My daughter became pregnant in her senior year of high school a few years ago. She had a very kind and loving friend named Carl. Carl helped my daughter through some rough moments of her pregnancy. When she had extreme morning sickness, he held her hair back while she threw up. He comforted her and was by her side for most of her pregnancy. He professed his love for her and his willingness to take care of her when the dad seemed to be out of the picture. Later the father decided he wanted to be a part of my daughter's life and take care of her and the baby. Carl was hurt and was not around much after that.

My daughter called me last night to tell me that Carl had committed suicide. I am so sad that someone could come to such a place of despair. My three children are all saddened greatly by this news. I pray that God would use this for his glory somehow in the lives of his friends and family. My daughter went to visit the parents today, and they told her that Carl committed suicide over a relationship with a girl. How empty, lonely, and hopeless the world is without a relationship with Christ.


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