Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thinkin' About Blogs That Make Me Think

Miss M over at Regaining Paradise
has bestowed upon me a Thinking Blog honor and you really should go over to her blog for a thoughtful essay on her reaction to receiving the same honor. She articulates how I feel. I, in turn, am to bestow this honor upon blogs I feel worthy to receive such an honor. All the blogs I would have picked (and read daily) have already been well chosen by others so I will include three that I peruse daily and get blessed by.

Purple Cellar is a very thoughtful and theologically sound blog that speaks to my deepest struggles and questions. She posts on contemporary issues, trials, temptations, and offers practical biblical advice. She even posted on insommnia, a particular thorn in my side. I truly get edified.

Between Two Worlds. Justin Taylor posts links most of the time, and his links provide information to current events and theological issues around the blog world for my growth.

Al Mohler's Blog Ah, what can I say about this blog except that Al Mohler tackles issues that pertain to culture and Biblical responses to contemporary issues. Plus, I like the fact that he reads so much.