Friday, January 13, 2006

Why Homeschool? by Nancy Pearcey

Why homeschool? How do we explain our decision to family and friends - and, frankly, even to ourselves on tough days? One homeschooling father put his finger on what, for many parents, is the key motivation: "The problem with our education system is not just that it omits God and the Bible from curriculum," writes Tom Parsons. "It is that our public education system embraces a worldview that places no value on the absolute truth of the Bible." [1]

In other words, the problem is not just that schools teach individual ideas or moral principles that may be objectionable. Far more dangerous to a growing young mind is the secular, postmodernist worldview that underlies those ideas, because it permeates the entire curriculum as an unquestioned assumption. And precisely because it is unspoken, it easily bypasses any critical grid your children may have, and is simply absorbed.

Parsons kindly attributes this insight to reading my book Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity. What I discovered in doing research for the book is that putting your children in Christian schools does not necessarily solve the problem, because most do not teach a comprehensive Christian worldview. The majority of Christian schools adopt a sacred/secular dualism, where religion is relegated to chapel and Bible classes, while the subject matter taught in the classroom is virtually identical to what is taught in public schools. This pattern is dominant even at the university level. In a recent survey at a major Christian university, more than half of the faculty said they did not feel capable of giving a biblical perspective on the subject they teach......

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