Friday, January 06, 2006

Blogging to worship God

I read some posts on Blogging that worships God by Bob Kauflin. The articles are valuable because many blogs get caught up in contentious issues in the name of standing up for truth, or "how snide can I be to show I am intellectual", or whatever else comes to mind.

Kauflin states: While there are countless reasons people blog, ultimately it comes down to two – am I blogging to bring glory to God or myself? Here are some tell tale signs that I’m pursuing the latter:

• I’m crushed by criticism
• I’m harsh in my disagreements with others
• I enjoy seeing my name in print, especially on someone else’s blog
• I check Sitemeter every hour to see who’s on my site
• I like to hear myself talk/write
• I Google my name every 30 minutes.
• I’m flippant in criticizing others
• I experience an emotional high when more people visit my site one day

You can read parts 1,2,and 3 here


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