Friday, May 19, 2006

Another fun writing exercise

I see these on other blogs and sometimes they are fun to do.

I AM: quiet at home

I SAID: the west is best.

I WANT: to hike the Pacific Crest Trail

I WISH: that people would wake up to the threat of Islam, and the apostasy of the Church

I HATE: pretentiousness

I MISS: when Reno was a small town and there was more wilderness and ranchland.

I FEAR: for our country.

I HEAR: birds singing in the trees in the backyard.

I WONDER: if my husband and I will find a good church soon.

I REGRET: decisions that hurt my children.

I DANCE: not as much as I used to.

I SING: worship songs in the car.

I CRY: whenever I see or hear stories about people overcoming hardships or obstacles in their lives.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: as disciplined as I would like to be.

I MADE: a painting of Pyramid Lake

I WRITE: poetry at times

I CONFUSE: myself with figuring out some theological terms that people throw around in blogs.

I NEED: solitude

I SHOULD: read the Bible and pray more.

I START: routines that don't stay routine.

I FINISH: each book I start, even the not so good ones.

I BELIEVE: that my children and my husband's children will become Christians.

I KNOW: that I belong to God.

I CAN: hike up large mountains even though I have gotten out of shape lately.

I CAN'T: stand how people have gotten so impolite and uncourteous.

I SEE: rainclouds coming in. Yay! We can always use rain.

I BLOG: sporatically.

I READ: voraciously every day.

I FIND: nature to be soothing and uplifting to my spirit.

I LIKE: growing flowers.

I LOVE: how God has worked in my life. I never take blessings for granted. I pray to be drawn closer to Him. Thanks to His grace, I love life more than I used to.


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