Thursday, January 05, 2006

Home Again

I am back home after spending two weeks in New Hampshire. It was wonderful to spend time with family and meet a new granddaughter, all of seven months old. We encountered all kinds of weather, from sunny to foggy. We came back with my husband's son who is wanting a fresh start in life. It is such a shock to go from a heavily wooded state to high desert. The eye travels greater distances here in Nevada, and it seems very barren. I will have to take Nathan up to Tahoe to get a tree fix for his eyes. Lots of trees that will hopefully remind him of back home.

I sat on the couch at my husband's parents house and watched the news that stated my hometown was in the midst of flooding. Here in Reno, we call it the 100 year flood. It is interesting to note that the last flood of this magnitude was in 1997, almost to the day! I wanted to be home to witness our humble Truckee River overflow its banks, for it is a sight to see!

We visited a Sovereign Grace church and a Newfrontiers church while we were in New Hampshire. One thing we noted, is that churches in New England struggle with numbers. A 50 person congregation is considered large by New Hampshire standards. There are large, more ecumenical churches, but they are the exception.

It is good to be back home and now we must search for a larger dwelling place, to house our new guest. God bless us all in the coming year.


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