Saturday, March 04, 2006

Evangelical Environmental Entanglement

I am really into nature. I mean REALLY into nature. I hike, paint nature, teach outdoor education at times. I am an environmentalist of sorts. I believe in Leave No Trace principles and never ever litter. Not even in parking lots. I have to tell you though, that I am greatly concerned over recent developments of the Evangelical Community to join the Environmental Movement. Specifically, the whole Evangelical Climate Initiative.

My concern is not that Christians shouldn't get involved in the environment, my concern is that Christians are partnering up with some rather dubious new pals. It doesn't take much research to understand that some of the foundations that are suddenly Rick Warren's new friends have an agenda that goes way beyond just caring for our environment. Look into the history of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation. They have a long history of incrementally drawing the world into a global socialist government.

The major thrust of these foundations is to control and influence education. If students can be forced into government schools and manipulated into thinking about issues a certain way, then you have your compliant population. Students have been inundated with environmental concerns for years.

Another method these corporations employ is to create a crisis. If the governmental structures can create a crisis, then they can also implement a solution that is a predetermined outcome. The current crisis is Global Warming. One population these foundations know is a key population to influence are Christians. What a victory to have Rick Warren join their ranks of worthy causes! He is considered one of America's influencial Christians. He has been playing into the plans of these foundations so easily. He has spoken at the United Nations, and the Aspen Institute (a think tank for Socialist influences and implementation). He was good friends with Peter Drucker, who implemented Hegelian Dialectics into the business sector. He utilized his Purpose Driven model using the same kinds of methods that he was taught by Peter Drucker.

I was reading an article recently by Michael Crichton. You know the guy. He wrote Jurassic Park. . He has written a novel recently called State of Fear. He has some interesting comments about another scientific theory that shrilly made the rounds about a century ago. This scientific theory was supported by major figures: Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell, Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood), Woodrow Wilson to name a few. Of course the study was funded by the usual players, Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations among others. The theory was not only funded by major foundations, but the media saturated the public with it, and educational systems introduced it into their academic research and instruction.

Michael Crichton makes the point that this theory was based in pseudoscience. The theory in question is now considered quite abhorrant to most of us today. The theory that gained so much momentum and allegiance was Eugenics. The basis for Eugenics was the theory that the gene pool was being corrupted by breeding of "undesirable" human beings. There was a need to get the word out and advance the idea of breeding by "superior" races. Of course, as Eugenics shifted and took root in Germany, the results were initial gassing of "mental defectives" and later extermination of millions of undesirable humans. Of course, the horror of WWII quickly allowed the idea of Eugenics to retreat to shadowy corners of shameful historical facts. Nobody, especially key figures, admitted that they were tied into such a theory.

Governmental ideology funds scientific research. If scientists want to continue to be funded, then they usually toe the line on expected outcomes. Global Warming is being presented in the same way Eugenics was presented last century. Scientists get the word out, media saturates the public with the crisis, educators brainwash our children with environmental propaganda.

Is there really a crisis? There might possibly be a crisis of warming. There is not enough information to warrant a true picture. Some argue that our earth is going through a warming trend, but that our earth has always ebbed and flowed with cooling and warming trends.

It is alarming that major Christian figures and Churches are aligning with such questionable players in the hysteria surrounding this issue. I am surprised that some of these Christians don't take the time to research the funding partners or the real agendas of some of these foundations. I think that their eyes may be blinded by their fame or prestige, and they have forgotten their calling. It is a major triumph for environmental proponents to have Christians sign up for this agenda, for the Church has traditionally been a thorn in the flesh of political movements and trends (generally speaking). by imploring Christians with the idea that the environmental movement will save starving third world populations and coastlines is simplistic at best.

If the Environmental Movement was strictly concerned with the care and stewardship of the creation of God, I would be the first one to be involved. I would be out there saving Yosemite with John Muir, and protesting wholescale desecration of our resources. The fact of the matter is that certain environmental organizations are concerned with gobbling up land for "wilderness areas" with the ideology of no human contact. Ranchers and private property owners are forced out of their property for the "public good". The government owns huge swatches of land, and farms and ranches are going under, while food is being imported from foreign lands. We are allowed in certain areas, but more and more fees are being attached to that privilege. I love Yosemite, but in order to visit, I have to pay $20.00 for the privilege.

Well, so goes my rant for the day. I become more disappointed the more I dig up information regarding environmental issues. I used to be so idealistic about the environment, and I believe some of the Christian figures who signed up for the Evangelical Climate Initiative may be seeing the issue through their own rose colored glasses. Unfortunately, they may crash and burn when they finally learn they have been pawns in a more elaborate game than they could have ever dreamed .


At 10:47 AM, Blogger marc said...

Great Post Candy. I used to live in Fresno, not far from Yosemite and we went up there all the time for free... no fees back then as far as I know.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Brett said...

Wow! I had no idea. But I'm not surprised. I think too many of our evangelical leaders have bought into the myth of influence.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger candyinsierras said...

I think it ties into the Dominionism Theology as well.


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