Saturday, August 05, 2006

Global Warming. Pheh! My Rare Political Rant

I attend a once-a-month book club with the little lady up the street and some other little ladies. It is a nice way for me to get to know them better and have a good time discussing books. Last week a new lady attended. Two conversations surfaced which were interesting opportunities. The first one was her contention that all religions are the same, so why don't we all just get along. It was a great opportunity for another lady who is a Christian, and me to share the gospel. So that was wonderful.

The next conversation this lady initiated was how everyone, but EVERYONE needs to see Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth. She continued in the vein of wicked ole America and how it is all our fault that global warming is occuring.

I was disgusted recently to read about some Evangelicals jumpinig on the Global Warming bandwagon. My SON even got in the act and mentioned how Neanderthol I am for not agreeing with the movie. Well, I didn't mention a point that someone told me recently, how Al Gore uses more fuel in a day than most of us use in a year, traveling around in his private jet to promote his environmentalism, and how Clinton signed the Kyoto pact but didn't send it to the senate for ratification, so Bush is now the bad guy.

Now, I have to confess that I could have soooo gone off on this subject, but I kept my mouth shut. I felt like the Lord had given us an opportunity for the gospel, and I just did not want to get in a big political discussion. So, I saved my ire for here, my blog domain.

Here is an interesting article that refutes some of the arguments presented in the whole Global Warming crisis. My suggestion? Quit looking up to see if the sky is falling.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Juan said...

With all due respect, you should be a little more open minded. The threat of global warming is real. I have been performing some studies in the subject, and what I have found out isn't exactly a passage from the bible.

This does not have to do anything with religion, and even less with what one man does in his private life. This issue is about what we, as humanity, are all doing in a daily basis to help the environment.

If you want to believe it is not a threat, then you should just forget about the issue. After all, is not you the one who will suffer of the effects, but probably you grandsons. I believe that is the attitude that will slowly kill this planet; indifference.

You say "It won't happen", or "This article says it isn't true". But, lets just assume it is true. Let's just say it is true? What will be of our future then?

Science will eventually tell if us, the ones that actually care about the environment, are correct or wrong. But until now, it all indicates that we are correct.

By the way, I haven't seen the film you were talking about. It isn't really necessary, the internet exist you know.

I hope I did not bother or offended you. It was not my intention.


At 8:52 PM, Blogger candyinsierras said...

Hi Juan. Just a bit of clarification. I do believe we are in the midst of global warming. I don't dispute that fact. I dispute the fact that it is mostly human caused instead of through natural causes. I have also done some research into some of the reasons why, and I think many people are jumping off the popular notion that it is human caused. The idea of it being human caused is rife with political agendas. Thanks for commenting.


PS the video is pretty good.


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